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Welcome to my website. Here I share my experiences, opinions and post about things I find interesting as a software developer.


Vinod Mishra
Senior Software Engineer at The ID Co
Edinburgh, United Kingdom | Computer Software

.NET developer with extensive experience in multiple industries working on web applications and SAAS products using Agile practices.

Experience with most of the industry standard technologies and practices, including the following:
• C#, SQL, JavaScript, Typescript, HTML, CSS
• .Net Core, MVC, MVVM, ASP .Net, Nancy, Nhibernate, Castle Windsor, Ext js, React, Kendo
• Visual Studio, Rider, Git, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, VSTS, Subversion, Gitlab
• Oracle, SQL Server, MySql
• Agile, BDD, TDD, ITIL
• Azure

Senior Software Engineer (2018 - Present)
The ID Co
Privately Held, 11-50, Information Technology & Services

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TF2 Outpost Autobump Greasemonkey Script

The latest update broke the popular script and this is a replacement for it.

First install the script, then go to http://www.tf2outpost.com/trades. Right-click the page and under Reload Every choose 15 minutes. Firefox will then refresh the page every 15 minutes. When a trade shows up that isn’t bumped, the script will bump it.

(You might need a reload extension for Firefox. I recommend https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/reload-plus/)


Enigma Winamp Skin Mod for Rainmeter

I modified the existing Winamp skin in Enigma for Rainmeter to show Spotify songs as well. Attached is the zip file of that mod. All you need to do is extract the three files to the already existing folder Enigma\Sidebar\Music\Winamp in your Rainmeter skins folder and refresh all skins.

This skin will use Winamp if it’s on else it will show the spotify status. It will also support Foobar2000 when it’s made to emulate Winamp by using following plugins.

foo_winamp_ipc Allows control of Foobar from IPC controls
foo_sstp_lyrics Allows foobar to spam fake winamp message to other programs Continue reading

Fantastic Mr. Fox

I went and watched this movie this Saturday. I am one of those guys who loves Pixar animation and doesn’t really like other styles (e.g. Japanese anime). When I saw the trailers of the movie, I wasn’t too impressed with the retro stop motion animation and wasn’t expecting too much out of it. After watching it i can say that I was very impressed by it. The retro animation gives the movie its soul and is great. As far as the movie is concerned, the characters are great, the story is awesome (haven’t read the book so I won’t be the one complaining about it not sticking to the story of the book) and what topped all this was the end credits. I didn’t know who directed the movie before I saw and to see Wes Anderson did it pleasantly surprised. I love all his movies and this adds one more to the list 🙂 The best character? Ash (played by Jason Schwartzman). Continue reading