Strange Facebook for Android Bug

There is  a strange bug in Facebook for Android app. When I update my status through the app it only goes to the main facebook site and not the status RSS feed or the new Facebook lite site. I only realized this because I use my status feed in my lifestream feed on the front page. Anybody else facing this issue?

Upgraded my HTC Hero to the new leaked HTC Update

Upgraded my HTC Hero to the latest HTC update which resolved most of the lag issues (yes it does lag sometime on heavy use which is normal for a multitasking OS I suppose) via the Modaco custom ROM which is pretty awesome. You can get it from here as well.

I did have some issues with certain apps though which a reinstall fixed after applying this update. However my clock widget is not displaying weather anymore and I cleared the cache as well. I will update once I find a fix for it. Continue reading